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grannypanties84 asked:

Alright Willam, truth time - bianca is hawking the story that she went on drag race because two queens were mean to her backstage at the crowning party or whatever and everyone and their gay brother is saying that it was you and sharon. So is that the truth?


Yea It was Sharon and I. She said it on a podcast too apparently. I don’t remember meeting her but I do know I had a bad night dealing with two very drunk people that made me immediately go find some trade after to get my mood reset by some good D. I do know I’ve never uttered the words “why is ____ here?” about anyone though in regards to queens who’ve not been on RuPaul’s Drag Race- ESPECIALLY since I was standing next to Vicky Vox, who hasn’t been on the show. I’ve spoked to BDR about it and apologized if my first impression was like garage sale panties and we are fine. I enjoy her immensely. 


So glad Willam cleared this up.

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